Jussi Linkolan blogi ja kotisivusto

Jussi in english


Hi, My name is Jussi Linkola and I’m a web enthusiast from Finland. I work with communication, projects, design and concepts, I enjoy music and sounds.

I am a web developer with skills in HTML & CSS which are almost my native languages. My main tool is WordPress which is an Open Source tool for publishing and creating material in web. You can find more about my skills and experience in my CV.

I have been coaching the use of blogs, wikis and other social media tools to students and professionals. There is a great deal of things you can do with these tools, but it might not very easy to start using them by yourself.

This is my blog which is mostly in Finnish. The name Tarkkaamo is a Finnish word and it means (loosely) Control Room. You can find more stuff in english in Twitter and you can also get in touch with me there.

Thanks for the visit